ATV rider “one hole” Bob (who was a responder to Nest 4 this year) found his very first nest as an ATV rider this morning.  Congratulations Bob!  Nest 7 is the first one found in Kill Devil Hills this year.  We are happy to see that mother turtles are starting to spread their nests out.

“One hole” Bob M

Nest 7

The mother turtle made short order of laying her nest coming in a straight line to her preferred site near the dunes, laying a very shallow nest and then coming straight back to the ocean.   No long goodbyes to her offspring!

This comma shaped alternating pattern crawl is typical of a loggerhead

The Ace Team of Cathy and Kyle D along with responders Peggy B, Jo W and Joe M quickly located the nest, installed temperature data loggers and then covered it back up until it is time for the emergence of those frisky hatchlings.

Team Nest 7 Kill Devil Hills!

  • nest number: 7
  • town: Kill Devil Hills
  • date eggs laid: 06/28/2021
  • actual emergence date: 8/27/2021
  • live hatchlings: 74
  • total eggs: 84

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