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This turtle mom went through quite an ordeal to hide her nest.  After crawling out of the ocean, she managed to sneak behind the walkway stairs and lay her eggs on the side of a dune.  Then she exited by sliding down and under the walkway back to the ocean.  What a ride.

Nest 7 sea turtle tracks

The responding team had very little room to work and were sideways on the dune.  The turtle put herself in a tight area which meant she covered up a good deal of her movements just maneuvering in and out of the area.  But the team persisted and found her egg chamber.

Egg chamber is located

Data on the nest was recorded and the responding team removed a few eggs to add a blue tooth data logger in and next to the nest site to capture the hourly temperature of the nest.  This information will be used to predict when the hatchlings will emerge.  If it is a hot summer, the eggs will develop more rapidly, and if the nest is cooler then they will develop a little more slowly.

Eggs are temporarily removed so a data logger can be added into the nest site.

Team member Steve managed to assist marking off and staking the nest site by climbing under the boardwalk.  Since the dune may have sand falling into the nesting site, we marked the stakes to show where the original sand level was for this nest.  That way we can keep track of any extra sand that may fall on top of the nest.

Responding from under the boardwalk

Thanks to the many hands that helped to collect information and secure the nest location.  This was one very agile responding team.  Can’t wait to see how our little hatchlings manage to find their way back to the ocean from this nest.

Nest 7 Responding Team


  • nest number: 07
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 06/12/2022
  • actual emergence date: 8/13/22
  • live hatchlings: 82
  • total eggs: 87

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