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Our Southern Shores N.E.S.T. team was very busy responding to turtle activity on their beach!  The first call came in late the night before regarding a sea turtle on the beach.  When the team responded to the site, they found turtle tracks and a neatly dug hole without any eggs.  Not sure why, but this turtle mom decided this was not the best spot for her nest.

Abandoned turtle nest

While investigating this abandoned nest, the team got a call about another nest site close by.  Half the team split off and started working the new nest site.  They were able to quickly locate the nest chamber and eggs at the new site and it became known as nest #8.

Below is a nice view of the nest site between the white poles, and the sea turtles incoming and outgoing tracks.  Loggerheads can weigh between 155 and 350 pounds.  They leave a nice imprint in the sand as they crawl up the beach to make their nest.  Once a sea turtle determines where she wants her nest, she uses her back flippers to make an egg chamber.  After depositing her eggs in the nest, the turtle will cover up the hole by throwing sand everywhere leaving a pile of sand covering her nest.  Luckily we have team members who know exactly where to look for those eggs.

Loggerhead sea turtle tracks and nest site

The team collects data such as size of tracks, depth of the egg chamber and even DNA material for analysis.  The nest site is secured with posts and flagging so our little eggs aren’t disturbed as they spend the next couple of months growing into little hatchlings.  Great job responding team!

Nest #8 responding team






  • nest number: 08
  • town: Southern Shores
  • date eggs laid: 06/15/2022
  • actual emergence date: 8/15/22
  • live hatchlings: 76
  • total eggs: 92

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