Well ATV driver Lucky Lynn is at it again this year.  She found Nest 9 and two false crawls in Nags Head this morning! Looks like the season is starting to heat up.

What a beautiful nest! The eggs are beneath the mound of sand mid photo. Mother turtle made a “body pit” shown in the foreground as she covered the eggs by throwing sand back with her rear flippers.The mother turtle then crossed over her incoming tracks on the way back to the ocean.

Kathy and Mike W quickly found the eggs and installed the dataloggers. A great team!

The dynamic duo works hard to get the job done. This is the fourth nest found with one of the ATVs donated by Outer Banks Community Foundation!


Below are some great photos taken by Steph W of the Nest 9 excavation!

Starting to explore the remains of the nest

Laying out empty shells to count hatchlings that emerged from the nest

Finding a few live hatchlings still in the nest

Hatchlings found and held to be released after dark to help minimize risk of predators

Gail, Nest 9 mother, educating some visitors

  • nest number: 9
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 06/28/2020
  • actual emergence date: 08/22/2020
  • live hatchlings: 117
  • total eggs: 130

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