Dare Education Foundation is thrilled to partner with NEST (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles) and Cape Hatteras Elementary to implement a year-long Sea Turtle Curriculum Project with 3rd graders!

Cape Hatteras Elementary School third graders get ready to learn about sea turtles!

A $1000 grant from the Foundation will provide books, materials and a field trip for this enriching learning opportunity.

NEST provided sea turtle curriculum notebooks which have lessons/units covering the life of the sea turtle. Topics include nest observation, nest protection, hatchling turtles, sea turtle food, protection and the impact of pollution and trash on the beaches and in the ocean. Each lesson plan is aligned with the North Carolina State Standards.

Dare Education Foundation funded the schools with money to purchase library books and complimentary educational materials to support this curriculum.

The NEST organization prioritizes this work in Dare County Elementary Schools. They value the need for young people to continue the work of protecting and supporting these sea turtles and having knowledge about their ecosystem, environment and how to protect and conserve these threatened and endangered species.