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El without leaches and the large barnacles

 CC-KRC-12-08-17-01  “EL”  140 lb
This amazingly gentle, large loggerhead moves in “slow motion” and is a delight to everyone who works with her. She is eating 600 to 1600 grams of food daily. The goal for her to gain weight is 1900 gm.  When she arrived she was floating with approx. 2 inches of her carapace above water. Now she swims and rests totally emersed on the bottom a large percentage of the day. She has been defecating large quantities of small crab shells over the past few days, indicating she was able to find and consume a small amount of food in the ocean. While eating this morning, El’s defecation was solid (which surprised me) instead of the usual loggerhead diffuse type that spreads and mixes with all the water in the tank while emitting one of the worst odors that exists. There is no mistaking it for anything except loggerhead poop. This had shrimp in it, one of the first things she ate after arriving. So great! Her GI system seems to be moving things on through!

The damage to the scutes is apparent. They will be replaced with new ones.

El’s rescuer, KDH lifeguard Dave Elder came to Rehab Thursday to visit and help feed El. NEST is so fortunate to have Dave on our team. One of these days we’ll do a bio of Dave’s animal adventures! He has learned the best way to approach sea turtles to giraffs. Thank you again, DAVE!