Greetings rehab supporters!  We’d like to introduce more of our current rehab residents.  Once again we were fortunate to be able to transfer some of our admissions to other facilities to lessen our overflow so they won’t be shown individually on the blog.  The turtles shown here are now currently in our facility (with one exception).

After such a hectic season, we also offer our heartfelt thanks to the Roanoke Island Animal Clinic, our local veterinarian that provides emergency care for our patients no matter the time of day or night!


“Aden”  CM-FGW-130106-01
Green, 5.96lbs:  Found in Frisco, Aden will be sticking around while we address low blood sugar and calcium issues.



“Brady”  CM-RFM-130106-01
Green, 7.44lbs:  Brady will also be staying for a few weeks for good meals and correction of hypoglycemia and low calcium levels.



“Current”  CM-FGW-130106-04
Green, 10.14lbs:  Found near Avon, Current was transferred to the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium this week to await release.




“Darryl”  CM-LLB-130107-01
Green, 12.4lbs:  Darryl was found near Frisco and is a little anemic and undernourished so will be staying a few weeks.




“Elwood” LK-RFM-130108-01
Kemp’s Ridley, 26.5lbs:  Found in Avon, Elwood needs a few good meals and calcium supplementation before release.




“Frost” LK-LLB-130108-01
Kemp’s Ridley, 14.5lbs:  Frost was found stranded in Frisco, and presented to the vet clinic with lung congestion.  Once antibiotics are completed, we will evaluate Frost for release.






“Gale” LK-EBF-130108-01
Kemp’s Ridley, 25.2lb: Gale stranded in Buxton a little thin and will be with us for a few weeks before being evaluated for release.




“Haley”  LK-FGW-130109-01
Kemp’s Ridley, 11.9lb:  Found in the Sandy Bay area, Haley needs some hearty meals and calcium supplementation.




“Ira”  LK-FGW-130109-02
Kemp’s Ridley, 14lb: Ira was also found in Sandy Bay and needs a nutrition boost before being evaluated for release.


“Jo”  CM-RFM-130109-02
Green, 13.12lb:  Rescued in Rodanthe, Jo has a low calcium level that needs correction before release.




“Knight”  LK-JTH-130110-01
Kemp’s Ridley, 22lb:  Found on Hatteras Island, Knight is our third Kemp’s Ridley with unusually high blood glucose readings.  Although doing well now, Knight might be with us for a while.