Jason #1's first day in Rehab

12/15/11 Jason #1 (gender unknown), a 112 pound, juvenile loggerhead, was found by Jason Gardner of N.P.S. (National Park Service) on the beach at Ocracoke Ferry Dock. She was transported to RIAC for examination and x-rays which revealed her to be a very thin, undernourished loggerhead with lung conjestion. This morning 12/16/11, she was transported  to N.E.S.T. Rehab and has received her first of 5 antibiotic injections.

In the past few years we have had quite a number of juvenile green turtles and a few Kemp’s ridleys in Rehab starting around Thanksgiving. This year the weather has been so different. We had a VERY short cold snap and then a return to almost spring weather. Hopefully, this allowed the sea turtles time to move out to warm waters as our water cooled slowly.