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6/20/12 CC-ALF-12-06-06-01
6/18/12 Fitzy refused food on Monday.

6/19/12 Tuesday, she ate more than 200 g, part of it was offered by tongs.

6/20/12 Today Fitzy’s tank had some plastic floating in it when I arrived at 9:30 a.m. but it had not been in the tank when aquarist Kristin Clark arrived a couple of hours earlier & added 8 inches of salt water to the tank. Here is a photo of the plastic.

 Fitzy went on to, for the first time since arriving in Rehab, having the loggerhead normal “brown, stinky, massive poops.” She did that several times while eating sardines both off the bottom and when offered with tongs. George Pruitt and I rejoiced. She was listing a little to the right instead of level but it was a great day. More info tomorrow!