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Meet our newest patient – Augie the green sea turtle!

Augie's carapace wound is clearly visible, while the flipper fracture is hidden underneath at the arrow. Photo by Carolyn Leopard.

CM-EFC-130707-01 was found near Beaufort Inlet by some concerned boaters.  The group  acted quickly and flagged down the US Coast Guard to transport the turtle to safety.  Augie has an open fracture of the radius and ulna bones in the right front flipper, along with some carapace and plastron wounds.  Even after sustaining such injuries, Augie is bright, alert, and hungry!!!



In other news, Vortex is making small steps at recovery.  Now accepting food from tongs and searching for it on the bottom of the tank, Vortex has also graduated to being held in deeper water.  This turtle is a fighter!

Vortex accepting food from a N.E.S.T. volunteer. Photo by NC Aquariums.