April 20, 2018

During the Summer months in 2018 the N.E.S.T. Education Committee stayed busy spreading the plight of threatened and endangered sea turtles. The education folks also spent time with other fun N.E.S.T. projects.

The N.E.S.T. education committee took on a different education project by working with the great folks at Gentle Expert Memorycare (G.E.M.). Carol, N.E.S.T. Education chair coordinated with Gail Sonesso, Geratic Care Manager with G.E.M. Gentle Expert Memorycare. Gail explained that the organization is a  “community based non-profit and our mission is:  GEM Adult Day Services, Inc. is a non-profit locally-based program that is working throughout Dare & Currituck Counties to alter the impact of dementia.  The organization’s goal is to change awareness, attitudes and behaviors with a primary emphasis on promoting best practices for training, education and care. N.E.S.T. helped us provide “ the Best Day” for the person living with neurocognitive challenges, their care partner and the wider community including the wonderful NEST volunteers!!”

Some of the fine folks working on sea turtle N.E.S.T. visors and fans.

Carol, N.E.S.T. Education chair along with husband Terry and  N.E.S.T. education volunteer Kathy C. led an excellent program.

In addition to visors and fans,  food and drink were involved and smiles abounded

As you can imagine Carol, Terry and Kathy C. left with many thank you smiles from the participation group.

The Education group also participated in the Dare County after school projects where they  talked tur-tel to many folks this Summer.

Carol and Terry werre pushed for a picture … who says they don’t have a sense of humor?


Carol, Terry and Kathy C. demonstrated and acted on their talents to educate. Their service and dedication to N.E.S.T. is appreciated.