Our spring nesting response and stranding response team trainings are coming up and we encourage everyone to come out and get trained! Reminder: You only have to go to each training once a year.  To make reservations, click here or call 252-453-0221 ex. 1.

Sea Turtle Orientation & Natural History – 1.5 hours
(required for new volunteers only, optional for returning)
April 30th 4:00 pm – NC Aquarium at Roanoke Island
May 2nd 12:30 pm – Jennette’s Pier
May 5th 2:00 pm – Corolla Wildlife Center
May 16th 9:00 am – Kill Devil Hills Library
May 19th 4:00 pm – Jennette’s Pier
May 29th 9:00 am – Corolla Wildlife Center

Sea Turtle Nesting Response – 1.5 hours
(required for those interested in responding to nesting activity in the 2015 season)
May 5th 3:30 pm – Corolla Wildlife Center
May 16th 10:30 am – Kill Devil Hills Library
May 19th 5:30 pm – Jennette’s Pier
May 29th 10:30 am – Corolla Wildlife Center

Sea Turtle Stranding Response and Necropsy (Ages 18+ ) ~3 hours
(required for those interested in responding to strandings, necropsy portion is optional)
May 2nd 2:00 pm – Jennette’s Pier

Aquarium Orientation and STAR Center Overview by Husbandry Curator ~1.5 hours
Caretaker Training OR Interpreter Training – in the last 1/2 hour of STAR Overview
(required for those interested in volunteering at the NC Aquarium STAR Center)
April 30th 5:30 pm – NC Aquarium at Roanoke Island

ATV Training (Ages 18+) 1.5 hours
(required for those permitted in morning ATV runs and their substitutes)
ATV Training is mandatory for all new and returning ATV drivers. We will be filling ATV vacancies and substitutes from experienced Nesting Response Team volunteers who express interest. If you would like to help with the ATV morning crawl patrol, contact Jane Kepler (Jane.Kepler@ncwildlife.org) or Peggy Cathey (peggyc123@centurylink.net) concerning training dates. If you have not completed a season on the Nesting Response Team and would like to join the ATV team next year, please attend 2015 Nesting Response Training, go to nesting events this summer, and contact us for more information.

Sea Turtle Nest Sitting Training
(required for those interested in monitoring soon-to-emerge nests in 2015 season)
TBD – scheduled for about two months after the arrival of our first nest which typically means training will be offered the end of July or early August. We will likely send the dates out for these trainings mid-June.

Directions to the Wildlife Education Center in Corolla (1160 Village Lane)
• Take NC 12 north through Duck and Corolla
• Turn LEFT into Currituck Heritage park (approximately 3.5 miles after the Food Lion stop light in Corolla)
• Turn RIGHT at the guard house
• Follow Village Lane through the park to the last parking lot at the end.
The Wildlife Center is the building with the green roof. Class will start in the auditorium.

Directions to the Library in Kill Devil Hills
• Turn WEST onto Collington Road
• Take first LEFT onto Mustian St
• The library will be on your right (#400) between Meadowlark. and St. Clair Streets
• The room where the trainings will take place is located on the back side of the library. Follow the sidewalk on the left around to the back and knock on the door if it is not open.

Directions to Jennette’s Pier 7223 South Virginia Dare Trail Nags Head, NC 27959
• Jennette’s Pier is located near Whalebone Junction in Nags Head
• The trainings will take place is the classroom.  From the lobby entrance turn left and go through the glass doors.
The classroom will be immediately through the door on your right before the elevator.

Directions to the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island
• Take 64/264 north through the town of Manteo
• Turn left onto Airport Rd.
• Follow the road all the way near the end to the NC Aquarium.
• Park in the main lot and check in at admissions.  They will direct you to the location of thetraining.

For “After Hours” or lunch time trainings, feel free to bring a snack or meal to tide you over, we don’t want any hangry NESTers out there! 

hangry /?hæ?gr?/
adjective -grier, -griest
1.(jocular) irritable as a result of feeling hungry