JANUARY 29, 2018

The Network for Endangered Sea Turtles (N.E.S.T) relies entirely on volunteers to aid in the survival of threatened and endangered sea turtles. Those volunteer efforts take many forms. One such volunteer helps in this effort by creating graphic designs that inspires attention to the plight of one of nature’s finest.

Casea is from the Outer Banks and is current a college student in Raleigh, NC


Casea Simmons is a N.E.S.T. volunteer from Raleigh, NC and is currently a second year Interactive Media student at Living Arts College. She is currently working with N.E.S.T. to provide several pieces of graphic work for the organization including a new volunteer poster, brochure, and volunteer patch design.

Casea’s passion for working with coastal conservation comes from her growing up in Cape Hatteras and going to elementary and middle school at Cape Hatteras Elementary and Secondary School. She strives to develop her skills by working with N.E.S.T. Casea continues to build up her portfolio in hopes of one day pursuing a career in graphic design within the Wake County area.

Casea using her own thoughts and skills produced a N.E.S.T. volunteer poster.


Our thanks to Casea, who is one of the many dedicated N.E.S.T. volunteers who help with the survival of one of nature’s finest.