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Saturday June 25, around 4PM, we got a call on the NEST hotline reporting a turtle laying eggs.  After we got through the, “you’re sure it’s a sea turtle?” line of questioning, we immediately sprang into action knowing it must be the daytime-nesting Kemp’s Ridley.  Our nesting response team immediately identified the turtle as not only a Kemp’s Ridley, but one with a unique notch to it’s marginal scutes.  The turtle looks pretty identical to one that nested in Virginia in 2012 and Cape Lookout in 2014 so she’s right on course to be nesting this year!  Of course DNA will confirm but I’ll put my money on it being the same mom!

Kemp's Ridley - Nest #14

Kemp’s Ridley – Nest #14

Sunday June 26th, the action continued but this time it was a loggerhead turtle just south of the Hampton Inn in Corolla. Unfortunately though, she decided not to lay eggs. Another false crawl. Perhaps she’ll return soon with success!