The last nest of 2014 has hatched.
N.E.S.T.ers were shocked last year that the crack ATV crews missed a nest, but Karen (KC) and Rob assured all N.E.S.T. members that it was true. Karen (KC) and Rob readily agreed to be nest parents. The ranks of nest sitters quickly formed and nest sitters committed to watch until the hatch. Because of no pictures of the tracks everyone was guessing whether it would be a Green, Kemps, Leatherback or Loggerhead.
After what seemed forever, it was announced today that Nest 19 hatched and the one precious little turtle was on its life journey.
This morning (Feb 5, 2015) at 9:04 AM, weighing in at 7 lbs, 1 ounce, our newest hatchling joined the team!
Name TBA