What a day !!

The NEST hotline operator got a phone call this morning from a visitor on Hatteras Island asking where somebody could stop and make a donation to NEST. The call was forwarded to our illustrious President John Cece. After a call of a few minutes, John agreed to meet the visitors in Nags Head on their way back to Virginia. At the rendezvous point, he met a most amazing young lady and her family. John came to find out that Miss Lily, from Virginia Beach, had recently held her 10th birthday party (a little early), but instead of accepting gifts for herself she asked all her friends to make donations to NEST!!

Miss Lily and NEST President, John Cece.

This unselfish act resulted in her raising $211 for NEST. So please join everyone at NEST in thanking Miss Lily and her friends very, very much for their amazing generosity. Thanks again Lily, we hope to see you out on the beach this summer so you can witness your first nest hatch.