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Barbara celebrates finding nest #01

With less than a quarter mile left on her ATV run, Barbara thought she was nearly done with her ATV run when she came across a beautiful loggerhead crawl.  As Nesting Responders arrived, they confirmed that the crawl had a picture perfect nest site, there must be eggs!

Jackie finds the eggs deep under.




After documenting the site, the team took bets on where to start digging.  And so Jackie began to dig until nearly up to her arm pit she looked up at the team and said, “It’s getting soft guys!  They’ve got to be… yes, right here!”  There were the eggs, exactly below the twig Jackie laid down as her guess.

Louise collects the DNA sample.



Once the eggs were found, Louise took a sample for DNA studies then the team took to carefully covering up the egg chamber. The site was then marked off and the crew left the nest to incubate for the next two months.

Nesting-Responders-In-Training help to cover back the egg chamber.




Nest Jr's mark off the nest site.




Nest #01






To Adopt this nest, visit and select ID#  70015