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Nest #6 sink hole.

True to the turtle’s nature, no two nests are alike. While nest parents still sit vigilantly at Nest #1 at day 72, Nest #6 showed a beautiful sink hole at Day 50. Nest Mom Jill called in support to come sit last night. Super excited about the sink hole, the team arrived and set up the site for emergence only to have to dodge under a nearby home for protection from the threatening (but sort of gorgeous) streaks of lightening. As the sun set, Junior NESTer Robbie ran back and forth checking the site for signs of tiny turtles. On each return, “Nope, not yet.”  Around 9PM the skies cleared enough and Robbie and KC went to check the nest together.

Jonny recruits the next generation.

KC: “Was that tiny black spot there before?”
Robbie: “I don’t’ think so. Is the sand moving? Did you see that?”
KC: “See what? Wait, yes! The sand just moved, I think that is a little turtle nose! Go get the team.”

Turtle runway is prepared.







So Robbie ran back under the house giving the nest sitters a, “Red alert, red alert!” call to arms. The crew watched the site “breathe” when then at 9:26PM turtles came spilling out of the sand. The team thought for sure the boil was coming, but after just ten turtles, the rush suddenly ended. Through the night, four more made their way out, and two more snuck out after midnight for a total of 16 hatchlings on their way. This nest turned out to be a trickle but was still a good thrill. The team will continue to monitor the site through the week.