Two days, 15 hours… and we’re still on a streak!

Karen G. and Betty begin to dig for the eggs.

June 19th, we started and ended the day with a nest! 9:25 PM, before KC even had a chance for dessert, Currituck dispatch called with the report of a turtle crawling out of the ocean to nest.  Two summers ago we had this happen a number of times.  Mom made an early evening crawl but only to decide it was just too early and she returned to the ocean.

Karen G. uncovers the top egg.

So the Nesting Response Team was notified and Carova NESTers Betty and Karen were the first out on the scene.

Perhaps thanks to their quick response, they were able to get all the onlookers to give her enough space that she decided this was where her nest would be.  So as Betty and Karen calmed all the approaching foot and car traffic, Jill, KC, and Nanci worked their way north.

"We have a confirmed nest!"

After about an hour and half on the beach, the turtle finished up and headed back to sea.  Assessing the site, it appeared that even with the distractions, the loggerhead mom had selected a good place.  She was on a wide portion of beach and had picked the high ground before the main lane of traffic.  So long as the north east winds stay at bay, the site should be good for a late August emergence.