Hydrophone Tutorial


Set up as a speaker

  • Put disc in the sand 6” to 8” from the known center of the nest.
  • The entire disc plus orange wire should be buried
  • Move desired length away from the nest
  • The orange cord is sensitive to sound so once buried should be marked with flags so people don’t walk on it
  • Until sounds are heard you should use speaker only
  • Plug end of long black audio cord into the speaker and the other end into the hydrophone.
  • Flip on the toggle switch – you will see a blue light come on

Set up to record

Going from speaker mode to recording mode do the following:

  • Remove long black audio cord from the hydrophone and plug into “line out” on recorder
  • Plug short audio cord into “line in” on recorder and the other end into hydrophone
  • Recorder must be on and recording in order to hear sounds
  • Press “record” when ready
  • Press II to pause and small solid box to stop and save recordings
  • Make sure the “mode” switch on the front of the recorder is set in the middle
  • The audio will play through the recorder speaker and remote speaker.   Separate the two by the length of the cable to allow more people to hear clearly
  • You can set up to record and then hit the II (pause) button. That allows you to hear through both speakers but when you hear something you want to record just hit the pause button again and it will start recording.
  • Always check the time and date is set.  Important as this time stamp will be on the recording – see instructions to set

Charge units nightly

Charging Speaker (Audio Set 2)

  • Speaker will not turn itself off but has internal rechargeable battery, so always remember to turn off after use and recharge
  • Plug one end of charger in port of speaker and the other end into a cell phone or computer charger unit
  • Red light means it is charging and will go off once complete

Charging the Recorder

  • The recorder will turn itself off after a period of inactivity but best to turn off recorder when finished
  • To turn off the recorder press and hold the on/off button
  • Recorder has rechargeable batteries installed, recharge after each use.
  • Recharge by plugging charger into “DC In” at back of recorder and plug into a wall outlet
  • Screen will show battery recharging and goes off once complete
  • Extra rechargeable batteries are provided in the kit
  • *** You may use AA Alkaline batteries, but you MUST change the switch in the battery compartment from “Rechargeable” to “Alkaline”

NOTE: The hydrophone will not turn itself off so try to remember to turn it off when finished.  Extra batteries are provided in the kit

Recorder Instructions

Set Time/Date

  • If you change the battery, you may need to reset time/date
  • Press Menu button
  • Rotate dial to “System Setup”
  • Press Enter
  • Rotate dial to “Time” and enter the current time
  • Press Menu to escape
  • Rotate dial to “Date” and enter the current date
  • Press Menu to escape (each press takes you back one step)

Change Setup

  • You should no need to go here but if display shows “Mic” instead of “Line” it will need to be changed
  • To change press Menu
  • Press Enter for “Record Setup”
  • Turn dial to “Rec Source”
  • Rotate dial to “Line”
  • Press Enter
  • Press Menu to escape