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On November 1, Crest, a 170 lb loggerhead, was released from the beach at Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Crest had stranded in Corolla this summer, suffering from anemia. A more mature patient, she was old enough that we could tell she is a “she.” And we are hoping she will be back to visit our beaches in a few years to lay eggs.


On November 23, Aphrodite, weighing in at 91.3 pounds, took a road trip for her release. Our waters are too cold now, but there was a warm water pocket in Brunswick County.  It didn’t much like the car ride, but was very happy with the final result and wasted no time hitting the water.  Aphrodite stranded on the beach in Kill Devil Hills.  It was wrapped up in fishing line and had a hook in her throat. The carapace, or top shell, was covered with 8 pounds of barnacles, crabs, algae, leaches and a very small sea star.  Upon release, its carapace is clean of clutter and it is now surfing the waves somewhere warm.