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The Aquarium opened a new exhibit in May. Using electronic chip technology in plastic reproductions, it provides visitors with a hands-on opportunity to rehabilitate a sea turtle. The Aquarium has announced that it will be building an expanded rehabilitation facility in 2012. Both should provide more volunteer opportunities. Stay tuned!

During the 2010-11 winter season, 25 turtles were “rehabbed.” Since November, seven turtles have been admitted to the rehabilitation center. Four were too ill to survive. Two loggerheads and one Kemps Ridley are still undergoing treatment with positive prognoses. As of yearend, no cold stunned turtles have been admitted. More information can be found at the N.E.S.T. Rehab Blog

The existing rehab tanks received some new dividers, thanks to the efforts of several volunteers.


We can now comfortably and safely accommodate a larger sea turtle population, in the event of a severe cold stun event. New lighting and new doors were also installed. Click here for full story: N.E.S.T. Facility History

(Written by Jackie Orsaluk, N.E.S.T. Volunteer)