1/18/12 was checkup day in Rehab. Each patient was weighed and also had his/her blood drawn to check the PCV (hematocrit).*  Below are some photos and results for the three whose results revealed them to be ready for release. The weight gained was the result of a comparison with 2 weeks previously.

ROMANO: +3.3 lb. / 30% PCV

(left) Acquarist Christian Legner prepares to weigh Romano, the loggerhead found in Carova 11/6/11.
(below) Romano runs to the far side of the tank in an attempt to hide from Christian to avoid giving a blood sample! Just  didn’t work.



JASON #1:+4.84 lb. / 34% PCV
(left) Christian  prepares to draw blood from a blood vessel in Jason #1’s neck so the PCV can be determined.





BUSTER: +0.308 lb. / 25% PCV

The little Kemp’s, Buster, being lifted out of the tank and then weighed.


*The hematocrit (Ht or HCT) or packed cell volume (PCV) or erythrocyte volume fraction (EVF) is the percentage (%) of the concentration of red blood cells in blood.