Happy Holidays to all of our faithful readers. Before I get into the swing of regular blog postings I’d like to get out a quick list of updates on our patients so we’re all up to speed.  Fun photos coming soon!

LOU continues to have a buoyancy problem, but weights will be installed on the carapace soon to even out the floating. This will be important to keep the organs from shifting and will make the turtle more comfortable.

EL‘s most recent bloodwork still showed anemia even though she is gaining weight and eating well. We’ve given her some iron injections to help the problem and will be checking the bloodwork again in January. Keep your fingers crossed!

HERNANDO has continued to show very slight improvements in activity level.  We’ll keep a close eye on signs of activity and alertness and continue to work with our vets to evaluate any changes.

ALEX has recovered well after arriving with very high blood glucose.  While still a bit of a picky eater, we hope that release isn’t too far off.

BILLIE is eating like a champ!  Bloodwork showed a very low calcium level which we are treating prior to release evaluation.  Calcium is very important to reptiles in general, and especially reptiles that have to maintain a shell(carapace)!

CHARLIE had gone quite a long time without wanting to eat and has an activity level (and large beak) that have prohibited force feeding.  But she ate today for the first time!  What a rewarding day!

DYLAN was released on December 1 in the Gulf Stream.  Thanks to a charter fisherman out of Morehead City!

EBB was a small Kemp’s Ridley found very cold stunned in the Currituck Sound.  Unfortunately, the low temperatures proved to be too much and the turtle passed away after arriving at the vet clinic.

FLIP is an interesting loggerhead without a right front flipper.  These injuries seemed to have little to do with the stranding, which was classified as a cold stun. The wounds are all healed and Flip can swim in both directions and dive for food off the bottom of the tank.  This natural behavior combined with good bloodwork resulted in Flip being released December 27 by the Coast Guard cutter Block Island out of Ft. Macon.  Thanks!

Two new residents have arrived this week – a small green and a small Kemp’s.  Stay tuned for more information on these guys once we get bloodwork and Xrays.