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Wendy Murray of H2OBX Waterpark presents donation to N.E.S.T. President, John Cece.

N.E.S.T.’s volunteers would like to thank the management and employees of H2OBX Waterpark for their long-term commitment to supporting local non-profits since their opening a few years ago.  The park’s management has taken the time and energy to create a system that allows their patrons to donate spare change at the collection boxes they have placed at all of the park’s food and beverage facilities.  The employees and management of the park collect the nickels, dimes, quarters, and the occasional dollar bills throughout the spring and summer season and then donate the accumulated funds to local non-profits each fall.  N.E.S.T. would like to thank all the patrons of H2OBX Waterpark very much, because this year all that change added up to a $1,450 donation to N.E.S.T. !!

N.E.S.T. is proud to announce that these funds will help us fund our ongoing project sponsoring annual field trips for classes from each of Dare County’s elementary schools to the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation (STAR) Center at the NC Aquarium at Roanoke Island in Manteo.