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The Briscoe Clan!

Recently, the Briscoe clan held their family vacation on the Outer Banks.  On one of their evening walks on the beach they happened to come across a turtle nest being monitored by an exuberant gang of N.E.S.T. volunteers.  While they were discussing turtle biology and nesting details with our volunteers, a large sinkhole formed over the egg chamber.  After patiently waiting for almost two hours, the Briscoe’s witnessed a “boil” of approximately 90 hatchlings making their mad dash to the ocean.  The N.E.S.T. volunteers’ knowledge and enthusiasm impressed the Briscoe’s so much that they decided to take their annual family vacation photo in N.E.S.T. t-shirts !!  The family invaded Cloud Nine in Nags Head and cleaned out Ginny’s stock of t-shirts and then headed back out to the beach for photos.

So, Herb, Jane, Donald, Paula, Lisa, Heather, Ted, Cal, Casey, Leonard, Kristen, Eric, Teddy, Evan (and Lenny, Pete, Cassiday, Ben, Natalie, and Connor too), our volunteers thank you very, very much for your company and your amazing contribution to N.E.S.T.

We hope to see you again next year.