When Doug and Frances Hines recommended a Bob’s Grill Fundraiser as a win win they were so right! Many thanks to Bob’s Grill for sponsoring the NEST fundraiser and donating 30% of the proceeds for each breakfast purchased to NEST.

Ticket for the Bob’s Grill fundraiser can be purchased right at the Bob’s Grill Restaurant

As most of you know Bob’s Grill is located on the bypass in Kill Devil Hills. We have just a month to go so please stop in and purchase a NEST ticket right there at the restaurant, enjoy your meal and thank the folks at the Grill for their generosity. Frances and Doug have raised nearly $1,600 for NEST and the amount is still growing. They not only came up with the idea but donated the printing of the tickets and, for many months, have sold tickets. Thank you Frances and Doug Hines and Bob’s Grill!!!!!!!!!

NESTers and fundraisers extraordinaire Frances and Doug Hines