Dr. Matthew Godfrey, NC Wildlife Resources Commission Sea Turtle Biologist has informed us that 26 turtles, mostly cold stuns from Hatteras, Lookout, and Cape Cod, plus a big loggerhead from Pea Island, were successfully transferred to the CG Cutter “Cushing”  and they headed out towards the Gulf Stream despite the foggy weather.

sea turtle ready for transport

sea turtle ready for release

Rosemary Lucas, LVT, STAR Center Manager, NC Aquariums on Roanoke Island advised that there were 9 sea turtles (8 greens and 1 loggerhead) that were transported to NC Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium for the release.

The 9 transported sea turtles from the STAR Center/Aquarium on Roanoke Island included:

Cindy Lou Who, Horton, STAR #10, STAR #6, Fox in Socks STAR #7, Thing 1 STAR #12, Cat in the Hat STAR #14, STAR #11 and Foona Lagoona Baboona STAR #1.

USCGC Cushing ready to make way.

USCGC Cushing from Atlantic Beach ready to make way.

Attention port forward, sea turtles departing.

Attention port and starboard forward, sea turtles departing to the Gulf Stream … SALUTE!