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Nest # 15 – 2015-July-15

Jerry Alexander came across the crawl in South Nags Head on July 15. Nest 15 on July 15th! It proved to be a rather strange nest, being very shallowly dug and spread out. But with the help of the team the eggs were found and a DNA shell was collected!

The nest was rather strange, but after assessment from the response team digging began for the magic egg. Amanda was the proud finder and soon after WRC Marissa put the shell in the vial for DNA! 

Nest #16 – 2015-July-16

Nest #16 was found by ATV Rider Joel Brothers in Corolla. The egg was found rather quickly after only a few tries. KC collected the egg for DNA and everyone was on their way!

Nest #17 – 2015-July-19

Nest #17 was found on July 19th in Schooner Ridge, with a strong team of NEST Volunteers taking the lead. They read the tracks, found the eggs, and collected a DNA sample. No need to move this nest to the team shook off the sand and started the countdown to day 55!

Nest #18 – 2015-July- REPORT FROM DENNIS POHL: 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, the Nags Head dream team has scored again. Super nesters Steph and Alan answered the almost midnight call from Charlotte at the N.E.S.T. hotline to find mama sea turtle laying her eggs in good ole Nags Head. Reports were that there was quite a crowd of people taking flash pictures and wanting to pet mama turtle. Fortunately with the assistance of the Nags Head Police Department there area was marked off to await the N.E.S.T. response team’s early a.m. arrival.

With lack of sleep, you can imagine just how “wired” Steph was upon her arrival at da nest in the early a.m. and tur-tel chatter began with the bleary eyed, but smiling N.E.S.T. response team reviewing the situation. With the arrival of Marissa and Jane (of the jungle)  of professional NC Wildlife Resources Commission fame serious talk began as to nest relocation. There was talk of a vote and no one realized that the Suz being soooooooooooooooo short actually voted. Guess is to avoid the “eye” from the N.E.S.T. pink lady, Rick, the Suz, John, Maggie, Peg, Jerry and other unnamed nesters raised their hand in favor of the nest being relocated. KC suffering from laryngitis agreed to the move. During the lull for the decision Peg made a careful inspection of new lil red ATV.

The magic DNA egg was found by Maggie and there was talk of why does she always find the egg. Maggie’s claim of skill and agility was questioned upon finding out she is a NC State graduate. WOW 139 eggs in the nest and no wonder why mama sea turtle could wait no longer. An unusual occurrance of a double egg was also noted (see the picture of same).

The eggs were carefully placed in the new nest carefully engineered by John, measurements made and with the help of the young crowd  the nest enclosure was completed. With three nests in close proximity it was suggested that Two Nest Al and Kathy volunteer to nest parent all three since they had soooooooooo much fun doing that a few years back.


Word on the street is that the Nags Head ATV dream team is being invited to appear with the Dancing with the Stars new season, will begin a publicity tour soon and are forming a rock band. ATV Ricky has promised that he will bring a permission slip from wife Gail for those activities. In spite of their nest lead, the NH dream team hopes are  that the Corolla Crew,  Duck Dynasty,and the  KH/KDH and beyond group all experience continued sea turtle nests.