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CC-KLC-12-10-29-01  ZACH  81 lb.  transfered to Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, Topsail Is., NC 11/1/12
From Jean Beasley, Director of the facility on Topsail Island:
“I’m happy to tell you that Zach is doing very well.  When Zach arrived the turtle was bleeding rather profusely from the wound at the nuchal…took a bit to get it stopped…this was probably partly as result of the transport process.  It is a puzzle as to exactly what happened to this poor turtle to cause so many small and large carapace fractures…At this time she is progressing very well.  She eats voraciously both fish and squid, as well as some crab and is in water for several hours daily at a height to swim, other times she is in water that nearly covers her carapace and is floating.  I was concerned about the nuchal hole and wanted to give it a chance to close a bit. Starting next week her water level will be increased again.  Her lesions are healing as are the fractured areas.  Her attitude is great and she is very alert.  She is obviously a “fighting for her life” turtle which is always a good sign.  Needless to say we have become very attached to her.  Thank you for entrusting her to our care!”
It is so encouraging to hear this from Jean, especially that this girl has great attitude and fight. If anyone would like to thank Jean and her volunteers for all they are doing for Zach, here is the email address:
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