6-6-12    CC-ALF-12-06-06-01
“Fitzy” (named for the N.E.S.T. volunteer who was important to her survival, Al Fitz) was initially reported floating into shore by beachgoers and fishermen at Jennette’s Pier. The 47.5 lb. turtle took some beating in the surf zone before being rescued and shaded by Pier staff while they awaited N.E.S.T. volunteers. The N.E.S.T.ers took the animal straight to Roanoke Island Animal Clinic, where it was examined, treated, and released into the rehab.
Covered with gooseneck barnacles, unable to dive, and with raspy breathing, Fitzy is now on antibiotics and resting at the rehab facility. More info to come soon as we try and get Fitzy eating and feeling better!
By Christian Legner, Aquarist, NCARI