Rescue & Rehab

N.E.S.T. has its roots in helping injured and sick turtles. In the mid 90’s N.E.S.T. founders led by our first president Millie Overman, wanted to focus on the rehabilitation of turtles who had already beat the terrible odds of surviving those first few days and years of turtle life. They soon found that the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island had no facilities to treat injured turtles. The first injured turtles were treated in the living rooms of N.E.S.T. volunteers. Eventually, funds were secured by N.E.S.T. for a small turtle treatment facility at the aquarium. In 2014, that humble facility was replaced by the new Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation (STAR) Center at the Aquarium on Roanoke Island. NEST volunteers still help care for turtles there.

N.E.S.T. is also responsible for rescuing and transporting sick and injured sea turtles to the STAR Center. N.E.S.T. receives on its 24 hour hotline hundreds of calls a year from beachgoers reporting turtle sittings. Each of those calls is screened and then investigated by N.E.S.T. volunteers. Volunteers will then transport turtles needing treatment to the STAR Center. During winter months at times of abrupt water temperature drops, N.E.S.T. has rescued hundreds of turtles stunned by the cold water and stranded in Pamlico Sound. Many of these turtles are transported to the STAR Center. We also necropsy and collect samples from dead turtles to help researchers find out more about sea turtles.

Image Name Age/Species Strand Date / Location Cause of Strand Weight Outcome

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#20-188 CC-WPT-201204-01 Count Chocula juvenile loggerhead 12/04/2020 - Canadian Hole Buxton injured eyes and weak 34.4 kg Released 7/5/2021 at Coquina Beach

P21-0042 CMEFC21042301 Skittles Juvenile Green 4-23-2021 Morehead City Yacht Basin Illness 2.75 kg released Coquina Beach 7/21/2021

P21-0061 CMEFC21050801 Smarties Juvenile Green 5-8-2021 Shackleford Banks illness 3.25 kg Released at Coquina Beach 7/21/21

LK-LWD-210926-01 Juvenile Kemps Ridley 9/26/2021 Duck unknown illness 5.6 kg Died at STAR 10/3/2021

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LK-MHG-210925-01 Juvenile Kemps Ridley 9/25/2021 Found floating near Radio Island boat ramp, Morehead City later taken to NCARI 9/28/2021 unknown 4.49 kg Moved to PKS for continued veterinary care

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LK-PMB-2021-10-08-01 Avalon Juvenile Kemp's Ridley 10/8/2021 Avalon Pier unknown 52 pounds Released 12/6/2021 Beaufort, NC

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#27 LK-BMC-211106-01 JUJUBES Juvenile Kemps Ridley 11/6/2021 Field Research Pier, Duck, North Carolina unknown under weight 5.3 kg

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#28 CMKLC21111001 Sweetarts Juvenile Green 11/10/21 Corolla old head wound but otherwise unknown 3.65 kg

#29 CMLMM211121-01 Almond Joy Juvenile Green 11/21/21 near Gray Eagle Access Nags Head cold 2.65 kg Died 11/22/2021

#30 CCEBF21112601 Big League Chew Sub Adult Loggerhead 11/26/21 Buxton possible infection 52.6 kg

#31 CMDMA21112701 Candy Corn Juvenile Green 11/27/21 Rodanthe cold stun 2.4 kg Released 12/6/2021 Beaufort, NC

#32 CMMXB21112701 Pop Rocks Juvenile Green 11/27/21 Buxton Canadian Hole cold stun 2 kg Released 12/6/2021 Beaufort, NC

#33 CCLLB21112701 Razzles Sub Adult Loggerhead 11/27/21 Buxton cold stun 41.8 kg

#34 CMJSR21112801 Starburst Juvenile Green 11/28/21 Avon cold stun 4.05 kg

#35 LKFGW21112901 Charleston Chew Juvenile Kemps Ridley 11/29/21 NPS property Frisco cold stun

#36 CCGAG2111291 Junior Mints Loggerhead 11/29/21 cold stun

#37 CMJNW2111301 Gummi Bears Juvenile Green 11/30/21 cold stun Released 12/17/21 South Core Banks

#38 CM-SGW-21122301 Candy Cane Juvenile Green 12/23/23 Sandy Bay, Hatteras Cold stun 2.25 kg

#1 – 2022 CCJSR22010401 juvenile Loggerhead 1/4/2022 Frisco cold stun 31.8 kg

# 2- 2022 CMEBF22010901 Juvenile Green 1/9/2022 on sandbar just offshore Buxton cold stun 1.7 kg

#3 – 2022 LKPKD22011101 Pepe the King Prawn Juvenile Kemps Ridley 1/11/22 Cold stun

#4 – 2022 CMPKD22012202 Abby Cadabby Juvenile Green 1/11/22 Cold stun

#5 – 2022 CMSGW22011101 Swedish Chef Juvenile Green 1/11/22 Cold stun

#6 – 2022 CMKLC22011205 Grover Juvenile Green 1/12/22 Frisco Cold stun 2.9 kg

#7 – 2022 LKKLC22011206 Statler Juvenile Kemps Ridley 1/12/22 Frisco Cold stun 2.15 kg

#8 – 2022 LKKLC22011207 Waldorf Juvenile Kemps Ridley 1/12/22 Frisco Cold stun 5.8 kg

#9 – 2022 LKKLC22011203 Lew Zealand Juvenile Kemps Ridley 1/12/22 Frisco Cold stun 1.9 kg

#10 – CMKLC22011203 Rosita Juvenile Green 1/12/22 Hatteras Cold stun 1.95 kg

#11 – 2022 CMKLC22011201 Juvenile Green 1/12/22 Frisco Cold stun 4.05 kg died

#12 – 2022 CMKLC22011204 Camilla the Chicken Juvenile Green 1/12/22 Frisco Cold stun 4.6 kg

#13 – 2022 CMKLC22011208 Fazoobs Juvenile Green 1/12/22 Frisco Cold stun 3.05 kg

#14 – 2022 CMFGW22011301 Sprocket Juvenile Green 1/13/22 Hatteras Cold stun 3.2 kg

#15 – 2022 CMFGW2201302 Prairie Dawn Juvenile Green 1/13/22 Avon Cold stun 3.15 kg

#16 – 2022 CMKLC2201401 Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Juvenile Green 1/14/22 Buxton Cold stun 2.65 kg

#17 – 2022 CMKLC22011402 Beaker Juvenile Green 1/14/22 Frisco Cold stun 2.5 kg

#18 – 2022 LKMXB22011501 Juvenile Kemps Ridley 1/15/2022 Canadian Hole Buxton Cold stun 3.05 kg

#19 – 2022 CMKLC22011502 Juvenile Green 1/15/22 Frisco Cold stun 3.7 kg

#20 – 2022 CMKLC22011503 Big Bird Juvenile Green 1/15/22 Frisco Cold stun 1.15 kg

#21 – 2022 CMKLC22011504 Juvenile Green 1/15/2022 Ocracoke Cold stun 1.17 kg