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Friend of N.E.S.T., H2OBX Waterpark, does it again!!

For a number of years, H2OBX Waterpark has made extremely generous donations to N.E.S.T. All of our volunteers extend a big thank you to the park for their ongoing support!! This year's donation was over $2,000. The park sells plush sea turtles and donates 50% of the...

Generous Memorial Donation Goes to Expanding N.E.S.T. Education Project

A recent donation made in memory of Addison Hutchison, a vibrant, funny, hard-working and kind hearted teenager, has helped N.E.S.T. expand our education curriculum program. N.E.S.T. is very grateful for the donation and extends our sincere sympathies. N.E.S.T.’s Sea...

Turtle Heroes at Outer Banks Olive Company Donate to N.E.S.T.

N.E.S.T. volunteers extend a huge thanks to the owners of the Outer Banks Olive Oil Company, Laura and Phil Wayland, for their donation of over $5000 for the second year in a row. Wow! The donations are raised from the sale of limited edition commemorative turtle...

Young Musician Raises Donation for N.E.S.T.!

Our President, Tony Parisi, recently received a surprise email from George and his mom, Meredith, wanting to deliver while visiting the OBX a $120 donation to N.E.S.T.  They raised the money and spread the word about sea turtles while playing their violins in various...




N.E.S.T. is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of sea turtles and other protected marine wildlife on the Outer Banks of North Carolina from the Virginia line to south Nags Head. **** N.E.S.T.’s work is done under and is in compliance with Endangered Species Act Permit 22ST10 and complies with all NCWRC permit requirements   


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