Active Nest Status

NEST’s federal law Endangered species permit does not allow us to publish the location of nests. This is not only for the protection of the nest site but also to help manage good relationships with our neighbors. Often our nests are not near public access points and if the location is posted, we risk having people parking and blocking traffic flow in the community causing frustration with our activities. So while we can’t post the nest locations, we do encourage visitors to walk the beach around sunset when volunteers typically set up at soon-to-emerge nests. If they come across a nest being monitored, we love to have visitors sit down and join us! Each nest is identified by number so once you visit a nest note the nest number and you can check on its status in the chart below.

We also we encourage you to Adopt a Nest by clicking the button below.

Image Nest # Town Date Eggs Laid Actual Emergence Live Hatchlings Total Eggs

More Info
1 Carova 06/12/2021 126

More Info
2 Nags head 06/16/2021