Romano the loggerhead will receive his last antibiotic injection tomorrow and, hopefully, his lung congestion will continue to improve. He eats each day, though not his maximum. Today’s excitement in Rehab was the result of discovering Romano’s first in-house feces in the bottom of his tank, always cause for celebration among the caretakers, both acquarists and N.E.S.T. volunteers! Today the pump (and filter) was started. This is not done until the acquarist feels the noise will not cause more stress for the turtle. Romano seemed to react positively to the water movement caused by the pump.

Showing the underside of Romano

Underside of Romano's Beak which shows why loggerheads are able to easily crack shells.

Buster, the 3.6 pound Kemp’s ridley, was taken back to the clinic 11/14/11, Monday morning, because he had been very lethargic and not eating since my last update. He returned to Rehab Monday late. Buster was found to have a blockage in the lower colon which was causing the lethargy, but his glucose (sugar) is good (meaning he’s not malnourished). Dr. Burkart gave little Buster medication for the blockage before his return to Rehab. He ate half his max on Tuesday and swam  well. Today he ate a little and swam well. 

The little Kemp's underside is quite light in comparison to Romano's.