The picture perfect crawl site threw NESTers for a LOOP!

Looks like the Duck Dynasty did it again!

Nest number 10 was discovered bright and early on Friday the 18th by Ken of the Corolla run, who was venturing just one step over the line in Duck territory. Location, location, location! This lucky loggerhead couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful spot.

Jackie and Louise were quick to the site and the rest of the response team arrived to a great crawl scene. Reading the tracks, they saw that mama turtle meandered around for a bit,  dug her nest, crawled in a tight circle, and bee-lined back to the ocean. (In and out and on with her life!) Since KC decided to stay in bed and sleep all day, it was all up to the NESTers to figure out where to dig!  Jackie pointed out the best possible site for the eggs and Marissa and Val began the dig. It didn’t take long until smiling Marissa exclaimed she FOUND IT!!! Good thing someone was still awake at the end of nesting response training!

WRC Interns Marissa and Valerie found the nest! Louise and Jane look smug as they place the temperature logger.

Under Jane’s watchful eye, Marissa and Val removed 8 eggs (one for DNA) and placed a temperature data recorder in the middle of the nest. They carefully replaced the eggs on top and covered up the site.

Valerie and Jane took the DNA egg to place the shell in the storage vial. The team also placed a fishing bobber in the ground 30 cm next to the nest to keep KC happy (and so we could find it again!).

The nest sign was placed and line was strung up with inspiring teamwork while hammerman Ray secured the stakes. Dennis made sure to document the morning’s events, by capturing everyone’s best, most flattering faces (as always!). The Ducksters began their departure with the now usual smirks and the team left with smiles of a job well done. 

Duck Dream Team: Ray, Jane, Shelley, Jackie O, Louise, Denice and Tony (and Dennis' shadow!)