NEST is excited to announce its schedule for spring 2013 volunteer trainings sessions. Below each training description is a list of different times and dates each training will be offered. Volunteers need only attend one of the different sessions for each teams they wish to participate in for the 2013 season. To see the trainings on a calendar, click here (then click April on the upper right hand of the calendar). New volunteers who have not completed a volunteer application may do so by clicking here (NEST volunteer application).

Spring Volunteer Trainings

Orientation & Natural History • 1  1/2 hours • Ages 14+
This training covers how volunteers can become involved in NEST activities followed by an overview of the life strategies of sea turtles and the different species we see in North Carolina coastal waters. This training should be attended by new volunteers and any returning volunteers interested in a refresher on sea turtle biology.
For reservations, book online or call 252.453.0221 ex. 1.

• April 6th at 9AM in KDH
• April 9th at 5PM in Corolla
• May 18th at 9AM in Corolla

Current Events in Sea Turtle Conservation  • 1  1/2 hours • Ages 14+
In this training we will review last year’s data and discuss current events and issues discussed at the annual NC Sea Turtle Permit Holder’s meeting. This training is designed for new and returning volunteers to keep current on today’s conservation and management issues.  For reservations, book online or call 252.453.0221 ex. 1.

• April 6th at 10:30 AM in KDH
• April 9th at 6:30 PM in Corolla

Stranding Response & Necropsy  • 1  Hour Stranding, 2 Hours Necropsy • Ages 18+

This hands-on workshop is for volunteers interested in collecting data from dead stranded turtles. In the first hour, volunteers will learn how to fill out a stranding sheet, how to take measurements, and what samples are collected from these turtles and how it helps biologists protect these threatened and endangered species. The second half of the training is optional for volunteers interested in learning how to take samples and assist with necropsies. For reservations, book online or call 252.453.0221 ex. 1.

• April 13th at 9AM at Bodie Island

Nesting Response • 2 hours • Ages 14+
This training is for volunteers who wish to help respond to late night and early morning sea turtle nesting activity. We will cover identifying crawls, locating eggs, and taking nest measurements. Returning volunteers may register online or call the Wildlife Center to register by phone. For reservations, book online or call 252.453.0221 ex. 1.

• April 20th at 9AM in KDH
• April 23rd at 5PM in Corolla
• May 18th at 10:30 AM in Corolla

ATV Crawl Patrol • 1  1/2 hours returning riders,  3 hours new riders • Ages 18+

This training is for volunteers who wish to help with early morning ATV patrols looking for signs of nesting turtles (crawls) along the beach. New and returning riders are required to attend the indoor training (1.5 hrs). After the indoors session new riders will then head to the beach for an initial skills training on the ATV. Additional one-on-one training with respective ATV route coordinators may then follow for further specialized instruction and practice. Closed-toe shoes required. For reservations, book online or call 252.453.0221 ex. 1.

• April 27th at 9AM in KDH
• April 30th at 5PM in Corolla


Directions to the Wildlife Education Center in Corolla (1160 Village Lane)

• Take NC 12 north through Duck and Corolla
• Turn LEFT into Currituck Heritage park (approximately 3.5 miles after the Food Lion stop light in Corolla)
• Turn RIGHT at the guard house
• Follow Village Lane through the park to the last parking lot at the end.
The Wildlife Center is the building with the green roof. Class will start in the auditorium.

Directions to the Library in Kill Devil Hills

• Turn WEST onto Collington Road
• Take first LEFT onto Mustian St
• The library will be on your right (#400) between Meadowlark. and St. Clair Streets
• The room where the trainings will take place is located on the back side of the library. Follow the sidewalk on the left around to the back and knock on the door if it is not open.

Directions to the Bodie Island necropsy shed

• Heading south past Nags Head and Whalebone Junction take NC 12 into Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
• Take first LEFT onto Old Oregon Inlet Road.
• Take first RIGHT onto Park Service Road.
• Continue on Park Service Road past the seasonal housing complex all the way until the end.
To view in Google Maps, use lat and long: 35.84129 -75.56237