With great patience and diligence, Nest #03 was well rewarded last night with the emergence of 76 hatchlings.

Words from Nest Parents:

NEST volunteers and excited vacationers celebrated the boil of Nest 3 on Tuesday night on Day 67 after several uneventful though beautiful nights of nest sitting since Day 59.  Vacationer Chloe spotted the sinkhole formation at 630 as Nest Papa Rick was explaining how the nest was remedial with no activity to date.  After dinner and patiently waiting Chloe named the first emergence Coco at 808, who then sat patiently waiting for the support of other hatchlings digging their way to the surface.  At 901, the excitement began as little loggers Meredith, Caroline, Bill, Ireland, Rosella, (All named by vacationing youngsters) and siblings lifted Coco and carried her toward the surf.  Spotter Susan W. continued an accurate summary of nest activity.  Ila was positioned well down the ramp so was able to sort out a total of 76; thus leaving 23 Unauthorized Absences (UA’s)!  Once the Spirit of 76 bale excited the shadow of the light shield the fun began with many reversals of direction.  With the support of vacationers holding a blanket, forming a soccer style “Wall”, and the volunteers judicial use of red lights.  Little groups of 2’s and 3’s were herded in the correct direction by Kathy and nest parents Rick and Mary Ann.  Once to the escarpment, Dennis and Al guided the beginner skiers and snowboarders down the black diamond slope thus gaining momentum to enter the water.  The small shore break allowed entry with few skim boarding turns!  Kathy tracked the last lil logger Caboose down the runway splashing in at 931.  Then the party began for Dennis the day after his ?? birthday with turtle topped cupcakes!  The following morning none of the UA’s were to be found…Maybe tonight!

The Nest Parents Rick and Mary Ann thank our team of NEST Vets for your support herding the turtles.  Our heartfelt appreciations is also extended to Nest Parents and volunteers Stephanie husband Allen, “sister” Michelle, Elaine and Kenny, Susan T, Gail, Kaye, Mel, soon to be Nest Sitters USCG Dave and Michelle and any others we may have forgotten for your companionship and support during the 8 days of watching Nest 3 NOT boil!  Also, a special appreciation is extended to Deltaville Brian who repeatedly made the daily drive to Nest 3; however, had other family commitments last night.


Rick and Mary Ann