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Annie, the loggerhead who arrived 10/11/11, was found expired in N.E.S.T. Rehab on Wednesday, 10/19/11 at 7:45 am by Aquarist Christian Legner. They were able to force feed her twice, administer anti-inflammatory meds, antibiotics, and fluids but due to the head/nasal wounds the animal had to be dry-docked the entire time. Possibly due to these added stresses the cloaca also prolapsed last Friday. Unfortunately, we cannot yet pinpoint the cause of death.

This turtle will be saved for the NC State vet school use for veterinary student training. Usually these necropsies are quite in-depth and we should be able to find out some great information about the extent of the head wound. It may be some time (months) before this training occurs so continue checking our blog to find out what we learn from Annie.

This has been a sad day for N.E.S.T., especially for those of us who were able to meet Annie during her brief time in Rehab. “Thank you” to Stephanie, Alan, and Jerry who responded to the N.E.S.T. Hotline call 10/11.