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CM-PAK-12-11-16-01  Green Turtle  6.5 lbs.
This beautiful little 6.5 lb. green sea turtle was rescued off shore in Corolla 11/16/12 by Paula Keperling. When I was in Rehab yesterday, 11/18/12, Billie was totally quiet, not swimming. He/she had a very slightly elevated glucose in the 130’s. Top of normal is about 120 so glucose was not a factor. X-rays showed no lung congestion. Today, when offered squid with forceps, this kid showed us he was READY to eat. SO EXCITING.

New rehabber Pat Silveri was experiencing her first attempt at feeding a new sea turtle in Rehab. It doesn’t matter how long one has experienced a turtle eating for the first time, it is always exciting! They just come alive in front of you! It gives you the belief that “this one is going back to the ocean for another chance and I am part of that possibility to survive a second time.”