On Sunday 10/30/11, the Brady family in Corolla found a stranded Kemp’s ridley on the beach. They called the N.E.S.T. Hotline and transported him to meet up with N.E.S.T. volunteer Jackie Orsulak. Jackie took Brady (as the little Kemp’s ridley has been named) to Roanoke Island Animal Clinic (RIAC). Brady spent the night at RIAC, was examined, had xrays, and blood work was sent out. Aquarist Christian Legner picked  him up Monday, 10/31/11, and transported him to N.E.S.T.Rehab. He was active and a perfect little guy, allowing Christian to take measurements, check for a tag, and confirm his weight. Then he was placed in a dry tank overnight…but with wet towels over his carapace to keep him moist.