This morning, Mike Cosgrove, a turtle friendly beach goer, spotted this fox right next to Nest 2 in Corolla. Yesterday he saw it chasing ghost crabs and figured It was just hungry for a meal.  But when he saw it staring at Nest 2, he let NEST folks know of a potential problem. Thanks Mike!

Fox taking a rest just feet from Nest 2 in Corolla. Photo by Mike Cosgrove


So far this fox hasn’t caused a bit of trouble. Some foxes learn how to dig turtle nests and are then likely to keep coming back to the nest for meals. We hope this little guy gets a meal someplace else.

In the meantime, in an abundance of caution NEST volunteers graciously spent some of their 4th of July placing a predator cage over the egg chamber. Looks like everyone will have a happy 4th of July!

Predator cage on nest 2