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N.E.S.T. Education Chair Elaine Lubosch had the pleasure of teaching a group of young girl scouts from Currituck County about sea turtles, and service dogs, at the Lower Currituck Fire Department in Grandy recently. The girls were very excited to learn about N.E.S.T. and what we do for the sea turtles! They were able to watch the N.E.S.T. DVD, do an activity, and she chatted quite a bit about what we do. They also got a chance to see the display board, touch the shell and bones, and ask lots of great questions. The girls collected lots of donations for the STAR Center and they also presented Elaine with a $75.00 check for NEST! How cool is that??!!

N.E.S.T. Education Chair Elaine Lubosch accepts a $75 donation from the local girl scouts in Currituck County.

All of the donations collected by the girls.

Girl Scouts in Currituck County had a special treat--sea turtles and Ivy 🙂