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El on the beach at KDH after rescue by lifeguard Dave Elder

CC-KRC-12-08-17-01     Loggerhead  140 lbs. and 79.8 cm straight carapace
NEST was notified that a turtle had been “bobbing” up and down for approximately 6 days near Carlton Street Access in KDH. Lifeguard Dave Elder (El’s namesake) volunteered to bring her in. El is the 4th sea turtle Dave has brought in who was “stranded”  in the ocean near shore. He is experienced enough to stay safe and keep the turtle safe and as calm as possible. Dave Elder, sea turtle lifeguard here on OBX! Thank you for being such an advocate! Dave is the second lifeguard this summer who has brought a sick loggerhead in for NEST. The lifeguard who brought Fitzy in near Jeannette’s Pier escaped us so we have not been able to express our appreciation.

Quickly, El surprised everyone and ate 223.9 gm of squid and shrimp today. I’ll give you more photos and basic information tomorrow. I’m tired.

Thank you all for caring about the sea turtles.
Photo by Joanne Hummers