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EL 9-23-12

CC-KRC-12-08-17-01  “EL”  140 lb
El’s main problem is malnutrition and low PCV. Dr. Harmes* requested a fecal sample based on her being covered in parasites when she came into Rehab and the possibility of finding the reason she continues to be status quo. El is now taking an antibiotic to treat any infection she may have which is impeding her progress. There could be a low-grade, chronic problem that needs to be addressed and this treatment should take care of that. We need her to bump up her eating and have more energy.

We upped El’s water depth to 25 inches Thursday and she is obviously enjoying having more water by swimming submerged for long periods, as well as resting completely on the bottom of the tank.

This loggerhead will be with us for quite a while reaching a healthy weight.

*Craig A. Harms, DVM, PhD, DACZM