Ellen Rowe lives in Northern Virginia. She founded Tees for Turtles to help raise money and awareness for sea turtles and N.E.S.T. She designed original T-shirts with a couple of her drawings and last year raised $500 for NEST to aid in the survival of endangered and threatened sea turtles.

Ellen points out the NEST educational sign

Ellen ponts out the NEST educational sign

Ellen is at it again with another campaign to raise funds for sea turtles and wants to let you know what she has been up to in her new campaign:

Hi! I want to fill you in on what I’ve been doing this past year with Tees for Turtles. I first re-programmed my website. I then used what I had learned about sea turtles to present to others. I talked to five classes at my school, and I’ll be talking to a couple more soon. I talked about different species of sea turtles, their diets, ranges, sizes, threats, what you at N.E.S.T. do, and how they can help. Lots of younger kids told me they want to help sea turtles now! I decided to sell more shirts, and you can now buy them until June 9th on my website.

A sample below that you can use for a flyer to post:



Please join us in helping Ellen reach her goal and spread the word about her campagin.