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September 12, 2017

From the Summer opening of the new H2OBX waterpark in Currituck County they conducted a “Keep the Change from their guests” program which allowed guests to put their change in collection buckets that were located throughout the waterpark. The money came from all Food and Beverage Departments and Guest Services and H2OBX waterpark employees collected the Keep the Change buckets from their guest’s contributions each night.

It was decided to donate the Keep the Change money to local organizations at the end of the season. H2OBX waterpark employees voted on who should get the donation and the Network for Endangered Sea Turtles (NEST) was one of the two local organizations picked for the Keep the Change program.

At the end of the season the “change” monies added up to a sizeable amount and Justin Strayer the H2OBX waterpark general manager, Ronnie Flinchum the Food and Beverage Lead and Karen Bone the cash office lead presented the funds to NEST.

NEST would like to thank the guests and employees of H2OBX waterpark for their generous contribution to aid in helping the survival of one of nature’s finest … the threatened and endangered sea turtles. SALUTE!

H2OBX waterpark makes a donation on behalf of their guests and employees to NEST. From left, Dennis Pohl, NEST …  Karen Bone, Cash office lead … Justin Strayer, General Manager and Ronnie Flinchum, Food and Beverage Lead.