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LK-KLC-12-09-24-01  Kemp’s Ridley 10.56 lb.
Hernando de Soto’s xrays revealed severe congestion in the right lung which greatly reduces the oxygen supply to all parts of the body. He received antibiotics and fluids at RIAC (Roanoke Island Animal Clinic) before being transferred to the Rehab facility.

9/26/12 the little explorer returned to RIAC for further re-evaluation by Dr. Burkhart due to very little response to any stimulant. At the clinic he was given fluids, antibiotics, xrays, and observed overnight. Xrays showed the right lung to be slightly better. Due to his high glucose, he could not be given steroids. He is back in Rehab with a towel elevating his front and a damp towel over his carapace (shell) to keep it moist.