We’ve had over 20 live stranded sea turtles collected in the past 3 days in the Outer Banks!  To see a map of our recent strandings, visit our friends over at Seaturtle.org: http://www.seaturtle.org/strand/summary/NC/google.shtml

Once we have a chance to examine, treat, and complete entrance paperwork for all of our new patients we’ll introduce them to you.  Until then – how can you help?
– If you live in a coastal region, keep your eyes peeled:  sea turtles experiencing cold-stunning (or hypothermia) are often very still and may appear dead.  Please report any sea turtle that you see to your local response group so that it can be assessed.  You may just save a life!  In the Outer Banks, please call 252-441-8622.
– If you don’t live next to the shore, but still want to help, please consider finding out about rehabilitation centers in your state or region to learn more.