04/28/12  CC-ARE-12-04-28-01       90.9 lbs.
A large loggerhead was found stranded 4/28/12 on Hatteras Is. off shore, 1.1 miles north of Ramp 30 by Amy Etherington of NPS. She/he was very ematiated, had a heavy barnacle load, and greenish excrement from the cloaca.

The loggerhead was taken to Roanoke Island Animal Clinic (RIAC).  Blood work showed her blood glucose was 1 (normal 40-120). X-ray revealed a major impaction in the intestines which needed further testing. RIAC kept her until 5/2/12 when she was transported to N.E.S.T. Rehab. She was treated with subcutaneous fluids, dextrose, and vitamin B complex until this morning (blood glucose 29), 5/3/12, when she was transported to Williamston, NC, where the NC state sea turtle biologist Matthew Godfrey then carried her on to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center on Topsail Island, NC. That facility has the ability to give her the tests and care she needs, providing her the best chance to survive.

We will follow this sea turtle we have sent to Topsail and keep you informed about her progress. I’m sure, you like me, will project as much positive for her as we can!
Thank you for all the care you feel for these amazing sea turtles!